So, You Want To Be A Webmaster?

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Webmaster: A Webmaster is a person who either:

  • Creates and manages the information content (words and pictures) and organization of a Web site
  • Manages the computer server and technical programming aspects of a Web site
  • Or does both.

INSTRUCTOR: Steve Greenstein, Webmaster

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Become a Webmaster - create and maintain your own personal or business website. Learn how to create an effective web site that will bring your viewers back through the use of graphics and interactive pages using Java, CGI scripts, and Server Side Includes. Learn how to announce your web site to the world and improve site efficiency by using the server logs to analyze how visitors are using your site. Students should be familiar with the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and web browsers.


1 - The role of the Webmaster

2. Creating the web site

3. Maintaining the site

4. Keep them coming back for more

5. Miscellaneous Resources

Creating Killer Websites, David Siegel, Hayden Books.

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