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"I've just been handed the company website to maintain and I don't know where to begin!"

"I need to get a web site up by next week or I'm dead!

Group or One-On-One Training

Have these scenarios ever happend to you? With over 7 year's experience teaching web page development at the community college level, Steve Greenstein can train you in the areas of web page/web site development and graphics using the latest software for today's web technologies.

Past training courses have included:

An introduction to HTML

HTML: Beyond the Basics - Forms and Tables

Be a Webmaster

Training can be conducted in your home, office or classroom, within 100 miles of the Sacramento, California area.

Individualized training and hands-on lessons tailored to your needs - $35.00 per hour. Minimum of 4 hours.

Class or group training:
$25.00 per hour, per student, with a minimum group size of 8 students. Minimum of 4 hours
$30.00 per hour, per student, for groups of 2 to 7 students. Minimum of 4 hours.

Recommended Books

In the field of web page/web site creation, there are certain authors, books and courses that have stood out. Here are our recommendations (all available through this web site, or course).