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What is the difference between dynamic and static web pages?

A dynamic webpage employes various server technologies to present "living" content in a meaningful and coherent way to the web surfer. Using dynamic server technology allows for the creation of site layout template(s) that keep the presentation or "look and feel" of a website to remain the same, while the content on the pages changes. Such templates provide the ability to change and customize a site's functionality or presentation at a moments notice, while minimizing duplicate changes across various page. Ultimately, this leads to less time and thinking to update site content, which in turn allows for good search engine ranking, because search engines love fresh content.

A static web page on the other hand is a simple text file that contains HTML codes that mark-up content for display in a web browser. If all of the webpages in a site are static, the bigger the site grows the more un-manageable it becomes because a change in the site layout implies a change in the mark-up of every single file in your site. Thus, it is typically more difficult to create or change content and presentation of static pages.

Current projects / under construction...

As the heading implies, these sites are currently under development and are not finished. In some cases, they may not be fully functional.

Secur-It Inventory Videotaping
Project Scope: Design and construction of new promotional web site.

APOS Systems
Project Scope: Design and construction of new promotional web site.